Roles & Responsibilities Of An Architect In A Factory Design Project

Roles & Responsibilities Of An Architect In A Factory Design Project

Factory design architects work with civil engineers and other people who are part of the project to deliver a satisfactory design. Architects are responsible for all the stages of the project from the drafting of the project to meet the inauguration goals of the building.

Architects are hired by factory construction companies in India or by clients to accomplish their needs and requirements based on their project’s functionality and spacing.

Roles of Architects in Factor Design Construction

The role of an architect is important in each stage of the factory design project and this blog will summarize their responsibilities better. Factory construction companies in India have the architects in their team that build energy-efficient designs for the places having maximum entrance of natural light & ventilation, reducing your heating and cooling needs.

Project Discussion

A Factory design architect is chosen by a customer to produce a comprehensive design of an idea or concept that a customer craves to bring to life. Discussions and meetings with various team members & engineering experts take place before the approval of the design.

Documentation & Drawings

Architects are liable for creating detailed designs and examining the feasibility of the project. Previously it was done by hand, but contemporary CAD and BIM software advance up the method significantly. Throughout the stage, multiple drawings and revisions take place to include changes based on customer needs, regulations, and budgets.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation at distinct stages of the project that allows better power over the resources and budget. Architects envision the entire building structure, bringing artistic designs and ideas to the building industry, but these also need an underlying architectural design & MEP installation.

Construction Stage

Once construction starts, the architect will do site visits & meetings, discussions with contracts, and dealing with & resolving any obstacles that may happen. Some documentation may occur during the phase of the construction and will demand the architect’s signature & approval.

By working together, civil engineers and architects can find new and creative ways to match the client’s requirements and vision. A great working relationship among the two fields assures a successful and effective job. Make your project successful and unique with Arrow Infra’s creative team of designers.

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